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Alas, the Schiller server is no more. If you have landed on this page, you may be looking for one of the following sites. Please update your bookmarks, favorites, or other source of weblinks to point to the new addresses below.

ELLINIKASIMERA  -  Supplement to the Greek Today textbook.

JAPANESE - Homepage of the Dartmouth College Japanese Program.

CHINESE - Variety of resources for study of Chinese language and culture.

KARTOFFEL - Tilda Kartoffel Drills page, corresponding to Deutsch Heute textbook.

DL-RECORDER -  Downloads of the DL-Recorder software for Windows and Mac

ANNOTEXT™ -  Instant definitions of words and phrases of selected texts

AHRC HOMEPAGE  -  Homepage for the Arts and Humanities Resource Center, located in beautiful, newly remodeled Bartlett Hall.

THE CONSORTIUM  -  The Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning, dedicated to the study and instruction of second languages at the post-secondary level.

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